Volunteers can be an important asset to the Arizona College Application Campaign (AzCAC). Volunteers can include parents, high school staff, local business persons, and representatives from community-based organizations, retired teachers and counselors. Volunteers generally are not prepared to answer questions students may have about college applications. These questions generally should be answered by school staff or college/university resource personnel. Rather, the volunteers are helpful in the supervision and administration of the day's event.

  • ☑ Types of volunteer tasks.
  • Post directional and promotional signs in the school for the event.
  • Greet and sign in students.
  • Assist students with the completion of online college applications.
  • Monitor printers and replenish paper supply as needed.
  • Share personal college experiences with students.
  • Distribute information about financial aid opportunities.
  • Give an "I Applied" wristband to students as they complete their applications.
  • Remind students to complete their admission file with any transcript, test scores, or other documentation needed.
  • Sign out students.
  • ☑ Finding your volunteers.
  • Host sites are responsible for organizing their own corps of volunteers for the Arizona College Application Campaign. You can draw on your PTA, business community, and retired staff to help with the event.
  • ☑ Volunteer Training
  • Access the 2014 AzCAC Volunteer Tutorial here.