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What is the Arizona College Application Campaign (AzCAC)?

The college admissions process can be daunting, even for students surrounded by a support system. Low-income students often experience greater difficulties navigating complex college application processes than their classmates.

  • The goal of AzCAC is to provide an opportunity for all Arizona high school seniors to complete AT LEAST one college or university application, in combination with your other efforts to promote a college-going culture within your high school.
  • During the school day in November, AzCAC host sites will set aside space with computer and internet access for students to complete applications. Each host site will select the times/days that fit the needs of the students and school...
  • AzCAC host sites set a goal that 100% of all graduating seniors fill out AT LEAST one application to a postsecondary institution by the end of November.

Provided below is information to assist you in planning and implementing your AzCAC event.

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