While they are still in school, you can help seniors become better prepared to transition to college by encouraging them to take care of some final details.

  • ☑ College housing deposits
  • Remind your students they need to complete housing forms as soon as they become available and submit their housing deposits if they will be living on campus.
  • ☑ College orientation
  • Once accepted, students will also need to go through orientation at their college. Encourage your students to sign up for the earliest orientation date available as class registration usually coincides with orientation.
  • ☑ Registration for college classes
  • Once students have been accepted to college, they will need to register for their first semester of classes. Encourage your students to sign up for the earliest registration date available so they can get the classes they need or want to take.
  • ☑ Pay all required fees and deposits by deadlines
  • Some colleges and universities may have fees or deposits that are due prior to the start of the summer or fall term (i.e. housing deposit, enrollment fees, tuition, meal plan deposit, parking, etc.). Follow-up with your students to verify that they have paid the required fees and deposits by/before the deadlines.
  • ☑ Course materials and textbooks
  • After they have registered for classes, students will need to determine course matierials and text books that are required. Advise your students to “reserve” the needed materials at the college or university bookstore, and pick them up prior to the start of classes.