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November 17, 2011 Conference Highlights


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Dr. Michael Mandelbaum discusses "How America Fell Behind" with Dr. Anna Solley,
Dr. Rufus Glasper, Dr. Ioanna Morfessis, and
Dr. Bill Pepicello

Sue Clark Johnson, Superintendent John Huppenthal, Jaime Gutierrez, and Patrick Andrew discuss the "Real Life Experiences of Arizona's Young Adults" as documented in the To Learn To Earn:Arizonan's Experiences Competing in the Race for Good Jobs.


Dr. Karen Nicodemus, Dr. Tom Andres,
Dr. Michael Kearns, Dr. David Young and
Dr. Chris Bustamante on "Reshaping Arizona's

Postsecondary Education System."

Dr. Tim Welsh, Susan Carlson and
Randy Kimmens

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Rebecca Gau, Dr. Karen Nicodemus and
Dr. Manuel Valenzuela discuss
Getting Arizona Ready and the
Arizona Ready Partnership.

Chuck Wilson, Dr. Dewayne Matthews, Rebecca Gau, and Jaime Molera














    Leadership Breakfast



November 18, 2011 Conference Highlights



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